Alchemizing our Wholeness – Part 1 Continued

Part 1 Continued – Alchemizing our Wholeness

aromatherapyWhat ever happened to medicine? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just look back to three main events: 1908 with the Rockefellers and the payoff to medical schools to stop teaching about herbs, and instead to only focus on pharmaceuticals (which, in the old dictionaries meant ‘witchcraft’). The appearance in the 1960’s of HMO’s where in in the 1960’s the HMO’s appeared – where insurance began to dictate what medicine and medial procedures would be paid for. And finally, in the 1980’s EMRs (electronic medical records) – that took the doctor away from the patient and put them in front of a computer.

What happened? Our world turned from nature to technology. A huge split happened, continually eroding our relation to nature. The Hopis warned of this in the 1800’s and again and again through the 1900’s. The critical point has arrived. It is NOW. Some are beginning to awaken, to question, to discover, and get beyond the cover up, be it through drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, sex, media, and anything else that tends to distract us from what is really going on.

When challenges come, be it physical, emotional or mental issues – it is a golden opportunity to dive in and explore the meaning more deeply of our particular challenge. It is a time to look within, to be honest with ourselves, and heal the emotional and mental wounds we carry around with us. To look to nature, that is there for us, to reconnect with the air, the water and the earth. To allow the “bathing in the waters, in the forest, in the earth”, and assist in the washing away our frustrations.

Turning over your Leaves, Coloring the Old, preparing for the Light to Shine amongst the branches as we go inward through the winter, incubating our thoughts, our emotions, to prepare for the Spring… to launch the greatness that we are. As we find nature expressing itself rather vocally in these chaotic times… listen closely… we are being taught great lessons. WE can learn to come closer to nature, and the wisdom it has to offer thru our magnificent senses.

Be curious, expect miracles…… and let your light shine. Nature, plants and breathe can help us heal at all levels of being. SO with this perspective, let us take a deeper look at nature and its emissary – the plants, and discover what that looks like.

We need to remember that The Wisdom of the Elders in using Plant Medicine is important in maintaining our health. Aromatherapy coupled with Ancient wisdom and use of plants and their gifts have upheld humanity in their path of life through the ages. In today’s world, there is a calling for a return to the natural world and self-nurturing. The relationship between aromatic plants, herbs, extracts, and essential oils enhances our relationship with ourselves, our dreams and our community. Read more about Aromatherapy/Plant Medicine by CLICKING HERE.

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