When all else has failed you -- you've been to everyone and they all said they could help you --

but no change, you're still in pain.

If you are really ready to experience a dramatic improvement in your condition and relief from pain -

Then you have found THE RIGHT PLACE !!!

Advanced Cranial Structural Treatments

Restorative and Rebalancing Bodywork

Energy Work and Quantum Healing

Aromatherapy - Plant Medicine

Lymphatic Bodywork


Who we are

Your Health is Your Wealth

Integrated Healing Arts, the Essential Starr

We identify the patterns of chronic and acute pain in the body:

  •   What are the pathways in the body that are associated with the pain
  •   We release, restore  and rebalance the distortion patterns to gain wholeness

This foundational work goes to the cause, not the symptoms to

1)  alleviate the pain symptoms and

2) release the trapped energy - restoring the energy for optimal health.


Our primary objective is to relieve the pain and limitations our patients experience when their joints and muscles are restricted or do not function comfortably. Results that our patients can see and feel very soon after treatment is always the goal.

The treatment focus is on improving movement in fascia, muscles, and tendons, from the top of your head to your toes.

Our Mission

What We Do

                   We  support the body to reach optimal health, functionality, and optimal energy.

Therapeutic Medical Massage

Structural integration releases the spiral twist that we find in over 90% of the population.

We bring the body back into weight bearing balance

We support relieving stresses on the joints, spine, discs and pelvis

We release and resolve that which leads to pain and dysfunction.

Plant Medicine Aromaceuticals

This is the main source for overall body weakness, as the body functional capabilities are set to overcome these weaknesses, the result is further distortion and weakness in the body.

We apply myofascial techniques (muscles and connective tissue) to release holding patterns that maintain the distortions.  Our structural bodywork sessions incorporate applied kinesiology (muscle testing) that allows us to check in with the body and respond according to its needs (as opposed to "what we think should be done").  In addition, we incorporate Osteopathic techniques designed to treat body, mind, and spirit. Cranial Structural Bodywork is a structural approach.


How to find us:

We are located at 1718 Main St., Suite 310

Entrance and parking are in the back of the building.

Enter building with the large, brown awning with 1718.

Take the elevator to the third floor and exit to the right.