Alchemizing Our Wholeness – Part 2

Part II Alchemizing our Wholeness: Plants that help to heal us at all levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

alchemyFrom the Holistic perspective… we are not just a physical body, as our modern view might portray: aka: a mechanistic biotic body (metal replacement of joints where there is pain), Covering our symptoms by taking a substance – Rx, alcohol, various addictions (versus finding the cause), and searching externally using devices, techniques etc to assuage our anxieties/stresses. As humans, we are so much more, and at our core, we not only want to be free of sickness, but have a greater sense of wholeness, connections and purpose in our lives. We benefit by establishing coherence with our spirit self, connecting with our physical self which is balanced thru our work with harmonizing our mind and emotions: an alchemy where this integration/the coherence occurs within our whole being.

It is common to see the physical and spiritual sides of both people and plants to be addressed separately. As people – when we are in pain, it seems simple to just pop a pill, or jump into some medical protocol. Or when our anxiety seems to take over, going to church might assuage our feelings for a moment… but is there a connection from our physical pain with our anxiety? Have we as a humanity been able to see our connection of body pain to our spirit pain? Generally, I see this link is often missed.

When we think of the plants, we have a tendency to search for what essence can take care of a headache, clear sinuses, heal skin, relax nerves. We think in terms of replacing our “medicine cabinet” without taking in the potential toxicity that can occur. Our pharmaceutical research looks to extract “the active” ingredient to formulate the medications, and combine them in a way that they can be patented and then sold to “take care of our pain/issues”. A very objective, left brain approach.

The dotted line connecting the health of our bodies to our soul’s is vague and hazy. The chemistry and energetic frequencies or “spiritual properties of a plant are not integrated and understood in a holistic approach.

We have pulled away from our ancient physicians, who worked with the alchemy of the combined energies of the body and spirit through the emotions (humours) and the mental (thoughts), to bring the harmonious balance of being. They were known as the great Alchemists in their day. ( interesting that the word chemistry comes from this word). Once defined, we pulled the chemistry away from the “allness” of life, focusing on the material world (giving credibility to only that which can be seen, touched, or tasted), capturing the ownership for profit purposes.

As we step back in the tradition of alchemy, embracing the holistic approach to people and plants (for we are not separate from nature), we move ever closer to the balancing of our whole being, of alchemizing the four aspects of our natural world with our human beingness – our building blocks of life itself – where quantum physics begins to meet physics.

It is time to link to the system of true Holistic Medicine. Alchemy brings together science and spirituality. The alchemical approach integrates the synergy of science and spirituality, where science and spirituality are often seen as diametrically opposite – science seen as being very materialistic and reductionistic, while spirituality is considered more circular, based in belief and “whoo whoo”, the invisible aspects of life. Alchemy was the original science -and in its day, it was seen as sacred science.

The observation and exploration of the natural world with its chemical values, can be seen along with the deeper spiritual meaning, purpose, intelligence of the plant – where there is not only a body, a physical image, but a spiritual side of it. As aroma researchers, we can go deep into the essence of a plant as we sit and communicate with its deeper wisdom and depth of being.

Unfortunately, as alchemy became desacralized, alchemy turned into chemistry, where the spirit was removed from the system. At the same time, astrology turns into astronomy, and herbal medicine turns into pharmaceutical medicine, the wisdom of justice turns into realms of laws and ordinances – all getting further and further away from actually our being as humans.

Alchemy gives us the opportunity to look at plant medicine – the balance of being able to look at a plant not only as a pharmacological, biochemical level, but also to understand and feel the wisdom and spiritual side of the plant that has the capacity to bring healing at all levels of our being. This is the kind of healing that is needed today and what more and more people are looking for today. People are looking for help beyond just the body, they are looking beyond just the psychology, looking for emotional and spiritual support. Plant Alchemy provides us with an incredibly advanced, sophisticated and refined system for helping people on all levels.

We are excited to be offering this training and awareness for those who are looking “beyond the veil of the wizard(of OZ)”, and dive into the deep world of the Energetics of Being. As we explore the plants, they serve to take us beyond idioms like: Lavender – calms and relaxes, Rosemary – stimulate and helps with focus, Tea Tree – heals bites and scratches, Eucalyptus is good for respiratory. This is often what you hear, and can find out for yourself. We must remember, these are whole being plants – they are whole, just like you and I are, and when we allow ourselves to get to know each, and explore, two things happen: 1) we get to know the deeper aspects of the plants and what they offer, and 2) we find out more about ourselves.

As we explore, we make deeper connections, and we find a synergy within us that matches natures gifts. Learn more about Plant Medicine here:

More to be explored in upcoming blogs….