Alchemizing our Wholeness

Part 1 of Alchemizing our Wholeness

Plant MedicineSeptember – it’s a time in the Northern hemisphere, where the leaves begin to turn as the harvest of the summer reveals the fruits of that which were planted in the spring.

This year there is a profound emotional effect, as we emerge among the seeds of apprehension, fear, political chatter, media missives, speculations, false leads, directives, anger and upheavals, and a plethora of good, bad, and indifferent news/views.

Summer is turning into autumn, where leaves drop from the trees, leaving the branches barren, and leading us into the season of cold and quiet. This is a time that invites us to go deep, exposing the core values which guide us through our lives.

Many of us are challenged during these changing times. Yes, it seems that through the spring and summer months of this year, our core values have been tested, tried and questioned. Is this a calling of inner transformation. Are we being required to find the deeper truths, that can help us to navigate through these waters better?

September is a time where nature is changing in so many ways – inviting us to see where we have changed, how we have become transformed, and how we are ready to chart our course for the rest of the year. They call these the chaotic nodes, transition periods that, for some, leave a question… where to next??

This is the natural cycle of nature herself.

We are especially buffeted with changes in so many areas of life, as specifically in the medical care of ourselves and our families. So many issues showing up, questioning the efficacy of our main medical tract – how do we in fact truly take care of ourselves? Who are we to listen to? What are the missing pieces? Tthey are coming from all directions!

This is the beginning of a Medical Revolution.. a time, where the standard prescription for this or that is not showing up as a cure, and cures are not being allowed to be known. Basic scientific knowledge is not being allowed to stand in the front lines and challenge the assumptions that are being put forward as truths – in fact they are being censored in an unprecedented way, where anything that is NOT a part of the mainstream media is being torn down. New science is not being allowed to emerge, and when it does peak its head out, it is blasted, and attempts are made to discredit it with a lack of authority to do so.

Is this for real? Yes, it is happening in our time.

I wanted to close out this post by reminding us that The Wisdom of the Elders in using Plant Medicine is important in maintaining our health. Aromatherapy coupled with Ancient wisdom and use of plants and their gifts have upheld humanity in their path of life through the ages. In today’s world, there is a calling for a return to the natural world and self-nurturing. The relationship between aromatic plants, herbs, extracts, and essential oils enhances our relationship with ourselves, our dreams and our community. Read more about Aromatherapy/Plant Medicine by CLICKING HERE.

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