Natural Perfume Consultation - $140

A personal 90-minute consultation to develop and create a personal fragrance blended from natural essential oils to match your energetic pattern as well as support you emotionally and spiritually - and smell amazing.

This is not just about throwing some random oils together that smell good.  I will begin by asking you a series of questions about your state of being, likes and dislikes, what scents resonate with you, and anything else that is relevant in creating your unique fragrance.  Based on this intake, I will create a blend using oils that I believe will match your vibrational frequency.  As you inhale the scent, I will be able to see if it is an energetic match.  If not, we will reevaluate and reblend until we find the scent that is a luminous match to you energetically.

Wearing a fragrance that matches your energetic patterns will support you on so many levels.  You will notice an increase in energy, mental clarity and an overall sense of well-being.  It will be something that lights up your world and you will never want to do without out.