The Essential Oils – The Embodiment of Light and Energy for Healing

Pure unadulterated Essential Oils are our allies on the path to optimal physical well-being and happiness.
           “In the expression of the highest intelligence of Nature, the medicinal and aromatic plant will help us to rise in strength, to recreate health (if it is lost), and make our lives individually and collectively, more comfortable and more in tune with the heartbeat of the Universe” Dr. Malte Hozzel.
    Essential Oils are truly Natures healing hand. They are both material substances and subtle energies.. they are living molecules.
Vasant Lad.. “plants transmit the vital-emotional impulses, the life-force that is hidden in light. That is the gift, the grace, the power of plants… The existence of plants is a great offering, a sacrifice. They offer us not only their own nutritive value but the very light and love from the sun, stars, from the cosmos whose messengers they are” Yoga of Herbs

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Alchemizing Our Wholeness – Part 2

Part II Alchemizing our Wholeness: Plants that help to heal us at all levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

alchemyFrom the Holistic perspective… we are not just a physical body, as our modern view might portray: aka: a mechanistic biotic body (metal replacement of joints where there is pain), Covering our symptoms by taking a substance – Rx, alcohol, various addictions (versus finding the cause), and searching externally using devices, techniques etc to assuage our anxieties/stresses. As humans, we are so much more, and at our core, we not only want to be free of sickness, but have a greater sense of wholeness, connections and purpose in our lives. We benefit by establishing coherence with our spirit self, connecting with our physical self which is balanced thru our work with harmonizing our mind and emotions: an alchemy where this integration/the coherence occurs within our whole being.

It is common to see the physical and spiritual sides of both people and plants to be addressed separately. As people – when we are in pain, it seems simple to just pop a pill, or jump into some medical protocol. Or when our anxiety seems to take over, going to church might assuage our feelings for a moment… but is there a connection from our physical pain with our anxiety? Have we as a humanity been able to see our connection of body pain to our spirit pain? Generally, I see this link is often missed.Continue reading

Alchemizing our Wholeness – Part 1 Continued

Part 1 Continued – Alchemizing our Wholeness

aromatherapyWhat ever happened to medicine? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just look back to three main events: 1908 with the Rockefellers and the payoff to medical schools to stop teaching about herbs, and instead to only focus on pharmaceuticals (which, in the old dictionaries meant ‘witchcraft’). The appearance in the 1960’s of HMO’s where in in the 1960’s the HMO’s appeared – where insurance began to dictate what medicine and medial procedures would be paid for. And finally, in the 1980’s EMRs (electronic medical records) – that took the doctor away from the patient and put them in front of a computer.

What happened? Our world turned from nature to technology. A huge split happened, continually eroding our relation to nature. The Hopis warned of this in the 1800’s and again and again through the 1900’s. The critical point has arrived. It is NOW. Some are beginning to awaken, to question, to discover, and get beyond the cover up, be it through drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, sex, media, and anything else that tends to distract us from what is really going on.

When challenges come, be it physical, emotional or mental issues – it is a golden opportunity to dive in and explore the meaning more deeply of our particular challenge. It is a time to look within, to be honest with ourselves, and heal the emotional and mental wounds we carry around with us. To look to nature, that is there for us, to reconnect with the air, the water and the earth. To allow the “bathing in the waters, in the forest, in the earth”, and assist in the washing away our frustrations.Continue reading

Alchemizing our Wholeness

Part 1 of Alchemizing our Wholeness

Plant MedicineSeptember – it’s a time in the Northern hemisphere, where the leaves begin to turn as the harvest of the summer reveals the fruits of that which were planted in the spring.

This year there is a profound emotional effect, as we emerge among the seeds of apprehension, fear, political chatter, media missives, speculations, false leads, directives, anger and upheavals, and a plethora of good, bad, and indifferent news/views.

Summer is turning into autumn, where leaves drop from the trees, leaving the branches barren, and leading us into the season of cold and quiet. This is a time that invites us to go deep, exposing the core values which guide us through our lives.

Many of us are challenged during these changing times. Yes, it seems that through the spring and summer months of this year, our core values have been tested, tried and questioned. Is this a calling of inner transformation. Are we being required to find the deeper truths, that can help us to navigate through these waters better? Continue reading

Covid Concerns and Considerations

By now you are awashed with all kinds of information on the COVID 19 issue, with statistics, all over the place. With the rebuttals against the statistics. With all the viewpoints on Masks/No Masks On all the Social Distancing opinions. I’m not going to go through those here. I respect everyone’s journey and intellectual choices.

immune system

Build Your Immune System

I do feel it is important to share with you some of the posts that you may or may not get a chance to see. Unfortunately, this is because so much is being censored and controlled by the Media and Social Media, that it becomes hard to be able to evaluate all sides of the issue. This is particularly daunting as every day, we continue to find out more and more about this virus and what it is and what it isn’t. Even with 40 years under the study of virus, we do not have definitive answers. Viruses do not act like bacteria, because they are not alive… they are pieces of DNA and other particles, that then, under varying conditions can be instrumental in the disruption of a biosystem. It is these “varying conditions” that we attempt to observe and come to some conclusions. So, at this time, we are all trying to do our best, with our understanding to be safe, and find our way through.

I cannot and will not stop stressing the fact that WE MUST KNOW AND IMPROVE OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! That is why we offer the technologies that we do here at Integrated Healing Arts Wellness Center. It is the only thing right now that truly will pay off to keep us safe.

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Let Freedom Ring — The Aromatic Touch

The Fourth of July is just around the corner… Yes – the birth of the United States, based on the freedom of the individual and 44 years ago, the patriots were fighting against the ideologies of the time… Does this sound familiar? There are so many polarities in our culture these days… and it seems that everyday, something new comes up to rally against or for…

Aromatherapy I created this blend a few years ago, when I was doing the Farmer’s Market. I was very inspired at the time, as I had the opportunity to share all the various sites in the East Coast where my California children could really get the feel of what was going on at the time.

The year was 1975, and our country was getting ready for the Bicentennial – 200 years. We visited Valley Forge, Boston, Jamestown among several other sites, every weekend. This was such a rich experience, as we got very in touch with the energy and challenges that our ancestors were up against.

As I reflected on this, I began to pair the fragrances that represented the energies we experienced during this Bicentennial. These were: courage, confidence, passion, grounded, inspired.Continue reading

How is our Cranial Therapy Different

Our Cranial Therapy differs from craniosacral therapy in several important ways.

Cranial Structural Bodywork is a structural approach. The treatment focus is on improving movement in fascia, muscles and tendons, from the top of your head to your toes.

Our primary objective is to relieve the pain and limitations our patients experience when their joints and muscles are restricted or do not function comfortably. Results that our patients can see and feel very soon after treatment are always the goal.

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Dirty Little Secret on Underarm Health

The underarm thermographic picture showing congestions on the left set of photos, and 3 mos. later — cleared from connection through using the right deodorant and skin brushing.

underarm thermogramThe armpits are an important detox exit from the body — but what do we do — we block this exit!!

These pictures are done with a Thermagram Camera — which detects inflammation ( yellow to red shows the presence of congestion – red being high) Where there is inflammation, there is congestion, where the lymph fluid is not moving as it should. The lymph nodes are located around and near the armpits, and when Congestion is found — it is important to move the lymph to clear the congestion.

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