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Aromatherapy and the medicinal use of essential oils obtained from plant material has been around since the beginning of time. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, chemists used essential oils to establish the molecular structure in nature. Many received Nobel Prizes for their work. Each oil is a vibrational hologram, contributing to the health and well being of each person in its own right. When blended with other oils, new oil is created vibrationally to resonate specifically for that individual

  • A holistic approach acknowledges that aromatherapy connects to the phenomena of life much more closely and intimately than conventional medicine
  • Essential oils reawaken odor awareness and the connection to individuality and greater independence improves the ability to take responsibility for one’s own health
  • Self-confidence and wellbeing are influenced, providing an improved flow of biological information through the psychosomatic network of body and mind
  • But let us not throw caution to the wind.  These oils are toxic when overused, or used improperly diluted.
  • A Little Goes A Long Way



Aromatherapy and the World of Botanicals

Food for the Skin Health for the Body

Aromatherapy and The World of Botanicals is vast. It produces a wide range of products from teas, tinctures, poultices, extracts, and essential oils, hydrosols (aromatic waters),  distilled from the plants. The plant kingdom has always been with us, serving our every need.  The Ancients knew plants very well and they worked with them in a holistic, shamanic way.  In today's world, we have distanced ourselves so far from nature,  yet so much of our medicine is derived from the plant world.  In our modern handling of the plant material,  the components are isolated and reformed at the molecular level, with the volatile components being pulled from their matrix and made into patented products. These are synthetic and unfortunately have side effects, from mild to serious, and even fatal.  The current reported annual death from prescribed medications is over 250,000.

We are grateful for much of the research that the early chemists did on essential oil that has helped us determine from a  scientific standpoint what the components can do for us. However, through their reductionists systems, we have lost sight of how the total matrix, with its second metabolites and trace minerals, work together to bring balance to the system.  As some of the great herbalists of our times have said, each factor is meaningful in the tangled web of interrelationships - but ceases to have any meaning when isolated from the whole.

In the 25 years that I have been practicing and learning, I've seen the simple, yet powerful effect that using the essential oils and plant medicine, properly  and on a PRN regular daily basis, is merely a part of our daily practice of bringing balance into our lives.  Just as food nourishes our body, so can plant medicine be used as food for the skin, health for the body.  As an educator and product formulator and clinician, I take the cautious approach to always bring balance to the person in mind, body, and emotions.

The essential oils are very powerful -- and thus we use small amounts, never directly to the skin, and usually in combination with a balance of helpful "carrier" oils (generally cold press vegetable/herbal oils - not concentrated like the essential oils).   Dilution and Dosage are critical, as the application is strong.  A little goes a long way.  In our world today, we tend to think that something is good, we should use more of it.  And next, we find people drinking the oils!  Alas!  Due to the concentrated effect of these concentrated oils from our plants.. they are often too strong, and then we combine the complexity of any medications that might be taken... and we then have a problem.  Unfortunately, in the case of herbs and essential oils... the negative effects can range from immediate to undetected for years.  And most especially on our little ones -- who need only the smallest dilution or even just teas or the flower waters we call hydrosols are usually sufficient.

The Wisdom of our Elders

Aromatherapy coupled with Ancient wisdom and use of plants and their gifts have upheld humanity in their path of life through the ages.  In our world today, we tend to think that if something is good, we should use more of it. The relationship between aromatic plants, herbs, extracts, and essential oils enhances our relationship with ourselves, our dreams and our community.

  • 1910: Gattefossé discovered the healing properties of lavender, and used essential oils for treatment of soldiers in military hospitals during the 1st world war
  • Some of his observations:

Wounds to the scalp: healed in 10 days, firearm wounds healed in 15 days.  Crushing of the thigh, open leg fracture; varices becoming ulcerated; delayed healing of an amputation sump of the thigh, healed in 21 days after failing all other medications

  • 1940: Dr. Jean Valnet, an army surgeon, used essential oils as antiseptics in the treatment of war wounds 1948- 1959

–He understood the essential oils as valuable aggression towards microbial germs and their harmlessness to human tissue

Aromatherapy and Learning --- Consulting --- Products


We teach Aromatherapy courses in order to help people live more consciously, by using the profound holistic nature of essential oils as the core catalyst to inspire change.  We provide a heart-centered philosophical framework to guide teachers, students and laypeople to live healthier and inspired botanical lives, through the awareness and conscious use of our beautiful plant kingdom.

Paradigm Shift -- The Framework:

We begin by redefining what it means to be healthy from a full body standpoint .... a new framework.

*  Hippocratic Oath:  First, do no harm.
*   Prevention
*   Address the whole person
*   Look at underlying causes -- piece the pieces together
*   Stimulate and support the body's innate ability to heal

Core Methodologies:

*   Plant Relationships  - -knowing the plant, its history, where is comes from and how it can be used
*   Consult -- review the parameters of a condition from various angles
*   Blending -- how creating a synergy and working with the changing terrain to maximize the healing effect.

Join our community of a progressive and inspired new generation of aromatherapists.  We have live events and COMING SOON -- online courses to inspire your everyday practice.   Check our events calendar often as we are constantly adding new classes and events.


After 25 years of training, clinical practice, and product formulation, I bring a plethora of information and experience to the table.   I am not associated with a particular company, and I am happy to teach all, from direct sales reps, laypeople, teachers, nurses, and other clinicians.  Contact the office for more information.

I also offer private consultation to address your personal questions on the use and benefits of essential oils/plant medicine, as well as assist you in creating your own personal blends. To book a private consultation - click here.  If you are interested in holding a group class, please contact the office for information.

We have live events COMING SOON
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We specialize not only in procuring excellent quality essential oils but also doing beautiful and effective blends  that can be used in your health and well-being program.

In my 20 years of working with the oils — there is no doubt in my mind of the efficacy that these precious little oils add to a health program.  I’m pleased to offer such powerful, pure oils to the community, and look forward to serving your specific need.

If you need specific assistance, please do not hesitate to call me, and I can answer your questions.

Remember — your

Health is your Wealth.

Natural Aromatic Consultation - $100
Finding the right blend specifically for your needs is a very individual thing -- put yourself in good hands

Essential Oil Private Tutoring - $595
One on one training to set you on a wonder path that gives you all the tips and things to avoid for safety.

Natural Perfume Consultation - $140
Release the ties to synthetic perfumes - detoxify and go natural -- you'll never go back

Patricia is also available for teaching engagements and corporate wellness.  Please contact the office for more information.