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We are a Wellness and Education Center committed to optimal health using advanced techniques to eliminate chronic and acute pain, without drugs or surgery.  Through anatomical study and awareness of structural patterns, we uncover the cause, and not just the symptoms.  Over 20 years of therapeutic and medical massage, cranial strucutral therapy, lymphatic massage we are committed to take the stress and pain out of the body, bring it into balance and alignment and resume normal life.

Along with the Cranial Structural therapy, releiveing migraines, consussions, TMJ and severe neck pain, we employ deep tissue work with a goal to alleviate or eliminate pain long term and increase athletic performance potential.   All services are custom tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether it’s your first treatment or you are a recurring client, we focus on  Tangible RESULTS to make a difference in every clients.

We also embrace various innovative modalities including Bio-energetic scans, releif of scars (which interrupt the flow of energy in the body, causing illness), applied kinesiology, plant medicine.

Patricia Starr, LMT, RA, SET, SCI

Patricia Starr is a graduate of Sarasota School of Massage Therapy since 1998.  She has also received  over three years of training with the Institute of Structural Energetic Therapy, the Cranial Somatic Institute, and trained with Stephen Wiess, D.O. from Manhattan , NY.  She is Nationally Certified Florida Licenced and Insured (MA28053) and is a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).  She is also Diploma in Aromatherapy from the Michael Scholes School of Essential Oil Studies and is a member of the National Association of Holisitc Aromatherapy (former southwest regional director).

Patricia's experience and training extends beyond regular licensed relaxation massage, Patricia has studied and practiced Structural Energetic Therapy-Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Releases, Advanced Cranial Structural Balancing, Pelvic Balancing, Head Neck and Shoulder, EVM,  Full BodyTorsion, Upper Body Torsion, Flexion, Shear, Carpal Tunnell, Lower Leg and Feet protocols Cranial Structural Energetics and Emotional Energetic Release Therapy.

Patricia practices a holistic approach including, therapeutic bodywork, breathwork, spirituality, chakra balancing, diet, nutrition, exercise, yoga meditation, hypnotherapy and essential oils for well being,

It is out of my gratitude through the challenges I have gone through with my body, that I turn to help others, by sharing the skills and training that I have accomplish over 20 years of practice with thousands of clients.  Some of my clients have been "everywhere" and have not found relief, until we applied the training that I was able to give them.  I humbly respect this work and am grateful to my teachers that have lead me through the maze of the body.

Our body is our Temple — and it deserves to feel good, to feel optimal and to treat it with love and respect. Achieving good health does not have to be difficult. Give the body the right foundation to heal and energize itself, and you will watch, feel and experience changes that will truly expand your potential.



Patricia brings over twenty-five years of bodywork training and practice and aromatherapy.

Patricia provides a specialized approach to healing. She has invested over twenty-five years in the study and practice of Plant Medicine and is a nationally registered aromatherapist with over 600 hours of training and more than 20 years of practice. Starting with Plant Medicine and expanding into the world of bodywork and massage therapy, her practice varies to fit the need of the individual.  She specializes in Structural Core Alignment - bringing the body back into balance and relief from back and neck pain and overall improvement of one's being.

In addition to her healing practice and Wellness Center, Patricia is very active and engaged in the community.  She is passionate about educating and continues to teach at various locations including Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota School of Massage Therapy and ongoing aromatherapy classes at Essential Starr Wellness Center.  Her presence in the community is resonant as president of the Sarasota Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Patricia Ann Starr, RA, LMT, SET

Advanced Cranial Structural Treatments

Advanced Cranial Treatment for maximum relief from chronic pain

Cranial Structural Bodywork is a complete full body restructuring and balancing program for rehabilitation from acute (pain that resolves more quickly) and chronic pain (pain lasting for long periods of times, even months and in many cases years). Cranial Structural Bodywork is a combination of multiple modalities and techniques including Cranial Structural Therapy, Structural Bodywork and Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) techniques:

Our primary goal:  To help people to return to daily life activities pain free!

The Structural Bodywork techniques are based on old Osteopathic information which is designed to treat the body, mind and spirit.  Structural Bodywork incorporates a series of cranial motions to release cranial restrictions by relaxing contracted muscles, increasing circulation, increasing venous and lymphatic drainage, and stimulating the stretch reflex or increased flexibility of muscles and overlying fascia. These restrictions produce compensations throughout the body. For instance, if you hurt your leg or ankle you begin to over compensate with the other leg causing your body to become unbalanced, which can led to pain. If not resolved  it can led to other more severe issues as you age. Many things we have done to our bodies over the years show up and manifest in different ways.

We use a combination of Cranial Therapy and Structural Bodywork Therapy techniques. Great for those looking for balance, rehabilitate pain, cranial decompression, detox, improved sleep, or relaxation.   These sessions  focus on balancing the body by releasing obstructions in the cranium that cause pain while rebalancing the spine and pelvis, helping to also boost the immune system and provide a  complete body rehabilitation.

Cranial Structural Bodywork Therapy  is an integrative and holistic approach to treating many common dysfunctional and painful conditions involving muscles and joints. Our Cranial therapy primarily use cranial techniques to facilitate changes in the function of muscles, which helps the body’s whole structure shift into a more balanced and comfortable alignment. A practitioner uses his or her hands to gently improve the ranges of motion of the bones of the head and its very important attachments to your neck. The benefits can be demonstrated by evaluating the function of your muscles before and after treatment.

Our Cranial Therapy differs from craniosacral therapy in several important ways.

Cranial Structural  Bodywork is a structural approach. The treatment focus is on improving movement in fascia, muscles and tendons, from the top of your head to your toes.

Our primary objective is to relieve the pain and limitations our patients experience when their joints and muscles are restricted or do not function comfortably. Results that our patients can see and feel very soon after treatment are always the goal.

Cranial Structural  Bodywork Therapy evaluations include the use of several techniques from Applied Kinesiology (manual muscle testing, therapy localization and challenge) for both pre-treatment evaluation and confirmation of results.

Cranial Structural  Bodywork Therapy benefits are usually long-lasting. Improvements typically result in increased range of motion, improved performance, and a reduction in pain and other symptoms, whether your patients are competitive athletes or simply going about their typical work and recreational activities.

Who can benefit from Cranial Structural  Bodywork Therapy?

Almost anyone who has aches and pains in muscles or joints
Individuals with headaches or TMJ problems
People with limited joint range-of-motion
Athletes seeking to improve their performance
Children with functional problems or developmental delays
Any age group, from infants to super-seniors
Individuals with a functional or idiopathic scoliosis
People with a functional short leg and/or a tipped and rotated pelvis

Cranial Therapy is very effective at treating painful conditions as a stand alone therapy, but combined with our structural bodywork techniques, we can provide maximum results.

The integration of specific Cranial/Structural releases with specialized deep tissue massage and soft tissue techniques will release the restrictions, and then subsequent structural sub-patterns that the body moves through in the rebalancing process. Our Cranial Structural Bodywork techniques have had proven success in treating painful conditions such as TMJ, bulging discs, back pain, headaches/migraines, sports related injuries, plantar fascitis, carpal tunnel, sciatic pain, tendonitis, and other painful physical conditions found throughout the whole body.

Restorative and Rebalancing Bodywork

Restoring and rebalancing bodywork is designed to release energy stuck in the body and mind as a result of physical or emotional injury.

...Relax... Restore...Awaken...

Restorative Massage & Bodywork specializes in an integrative, therapeutic approach to massage and bodywork. Sessions combine cranial structural therapy with therapeutic bodywork to promote the health and healing of the body-mind-spirit from the inside-out. This work aims to unlock, re-pattern, and restore the body from pain resulting from stress, injury, illness, overuse, repetitive use, trauma, and emotional holding patterns.

The body and mind relax through an overload of sensory input to the central nervous system from the touch experience. The parasympathetic nervous system is engaged and mediates the body's stress response allowing it to rest. Tight and contracted muscles relax along with many other benefits including – reduced feelings of stress, tension, anxiety, and depression – deeper, fuller breathing – an enhanced energy level – and stimulation to the digestive system.

The work increases the circulation of blood and lymph fluids that brings a fresh supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your muscles while flushing out toxins and boosting the immune system. The work relieves muscle tension and soreness, breaks-down scar tissue, reduces or eliminates knots or tight bands in the muscle tissue, increases flexibility, increases range of motion of joints, and gets you moving more freely in your body.

When the body relaxes and restores, so too does the mind. As the soft tissues release and become free from pain, the mind and spirit can awaken and expand. Sessions help to restore balance to the body-mind-spirit relationship, supporting each in optimal health. The work helps bring your awareness into your body to support your healing process. Understanding the causes of pain can lead you to a greater sense of yourself. Awaken to your essence by connecting with your body.

Electromagnetic Frequencies and Quantum Healing

Electromagnetic therapy is applied to the body to restore imbalances that can lead to illness

Passionate. Groundbreaking. Socially-driven.

With more than three decades of research as its solid foundation, we have incorporated the work of NES Health Wellness System, leading the world in bioenergetics.

NES Health provides a complete system to restore health and energy at its source. By looking at the physics underlying the biochemical nature of the body, we can now analyze and correct the body’s bio-field and information, which, after more than 30 years of scientific research, has been shown to be the master control system for the body’s health and functioning.

We approach health from the key perspective that energy and information control biology.

Cutting-edge science has proven that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At NES Health, we call this the Human Body-Field.

In over three decades of research, we have discovered that distortions and blockages in the
Body-Field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function, can lead to physical problems and deteriorating health.

Our BioEnegetiX WellNES System, comprising our full suite of solutions,  identifies and corrects these distortions, so that the Body-Field and subsequently the body itself can more easily and naturally return to optimum function.

Aromatherapy/Plant Medicine

Maintain health and treat with the intelligence of essential oils

Plant Spirit Medicine is the shamans’ way with plants. It recognizes that plants have spirit and that spirit is the strongest medicine. Spirit can heal the deepest reaches of the heart and soul.

Since the beginning of time, when the traditional shaman-healer turned to the plant world, he turned to the spirits of the plants. It was the spirits of the plants that healed his patients. The spirits were his friends, his teachers, and his allies.

This ancient practice, long forgotten in the West, has now been remembered, revitalized.

“Plant spirit medicine works partially because it has broad perspective. It does not look only through the eyes of physics and chemistry; it sees human beings as expressions of divine natural forces. It plumbs the human mind and emotions. It gives paramount importance to spirit, the mysterious core of our lives.”  Eliot Cowan

Lymphatic Bodywork

Lymphatic Bodywork is a specialized massage type that gently assists the lymphatic system in maintaining the body's fluid balance, blood circulation, and immune mechanisms

Lymphatic drainage massage is effective for edema and lymphedema. Edema is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in various tissues of the body, whereas lymphedema is due to a buildup of fluid and toxins in the lymphatic system.

Lymph drainage massage is also used before and after surgery, especially cosmetic procedures. It is able to increase blood flow, remove stagnant tissue fluid, and reduce stress and anxiety associated with surgery.

After surgery, lymphatic drainage massage will speed healing and reduce scar tissue and inflammation. It should not be performed immediately after surgery, however, due to the risk of blood clots and infection.

Since the immune system is directly linked to the lymphatic system, lymphatic drainage massage can stimulate white blood cell circulation, improve immune system function, and increase antibody production. This will fight off infections like colds or flu and reduce inflammation.

People who are prone to getting sick are also encouraged to get lymphatic drainage massage on a regular basis. The general recommendation is a daily massage for one week or one massage weekly for a three-month timeframe.

Custom blended products

All natural, organic facial and body care products made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils