Essential Starr Integrated Healing Arts, LLC

We are a Wellness and Education Center committed to optimal health using advanced techniques to eliminate chronic and acute pain, without drugs or surgery.  Through anatomical study and awareness of structural patterns, we uncover the cause and not just the symptoms.  Over 20 years of therapeutic and medical massage, cranial structural therapy, lymphatic massage we are committed to take the stress and pain out of the body, bring it into balance and alignment and resume normal life.

Along with the Cranial Structural therapy, relieving migraines, concussions, TMJ, and severe neck pain, we employ deep tissue work with a goal to alleviate or eliminate pain long term and increase athletic performance potential.   All services are custom-tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether it’s your first treatment or you are a recurring client, we focus on  Tangible RESULTS to make a difference in every client.

We also embrace various innovative modalities including Bio-energetic scans, relief of scars (which interrupt the flow of energy in the body, causing illness), applied kinesiology, plant medicine.

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