Here are some testimonials from our clients:


“Talented and learned practitioner of holistic treatments. Recommended". -Charles Singer, Sarasota

Only your best interest at heart

“Patricia Ann has only your best interests at heart. She has an incredible story, traveled a wonderful journey and now integrated all that into helping others.” - Joe St. Onge


“I was treated for multiple musculoskeletal-skeletal injuries and cervical disc herniation in the neck after being rear-ended in February. I came in with extremely high levels of pain.......weekly treatments greatly lessened my neck and back pain and I would highly recommend Patti to anyone with pain in the neck, head, back, or hips, or muscle pain anywhere in the body. Her structural integration technique is especially effective!" - L. Thole

Highly Recommend

“I have known Patricia for a number of years now and can confidently recommend her as extremely knowledgeable and masterful in her field. She is a kind, generous and wise.” - Will Rauschenberger

Dizzy and Out of Balance

“Genius. I could walk straight without bumping into walls, my eyes cleared up, and I can see better. My brain has cleared and I have less brain fog. I never even thought this was possible in one session. I'm so impressed!" - L. Frary

Highly Recommend

“I know, when something happens to me, and I have trouble with my hip, or my knee, I call Patricia immediately, and soon, I am back in shape, and on about my business, happily." L. Fischer

Amazing Healer

"Patricia Ann is an amazing healer and bodyworker. I am fortunate to have experienced wonderful results by using her blended oils on my face and have been the recipient of her healing massages. I would highly recommend "Integrated Healing and Arts" for a natural and healthy way to care for your body." - Linda Commito

Nothing short of brilliant!

"Thank you for your calm expertise, your gentleness and understanding." - C. Potere

Great Job!

“Every time I see Patrica I feel wonderful. I also get aromatic gifts from her. Everyone I have given them to my people, they love them. They always thank me when they see me. She does a great job." D. Metcalf

Spontaneous Healing

"I'm so grateful to learn of your extraordinary healing. Just when it seemed that a breakthrough was nowhere in sight, you brought true spontaneous healing to return me to healthy athleticism!!" - John


“Patti Star has excellent Expertise at many levels. With her mastery of Essential oils, she managed to save me from Dentists wanting to extract Teeth. That's something!" - M. Libowitz

Aromatherapy – Excellent products

“Patricia puts the quality into products I can trust. Her facial lotion smells and feels so good, and those little bumps that I have been concerned about, have just disappeared." - N. Summers

Unique Touch

“Patricia has a unique touch and ability to bring alignment to the body. In just a few sessions she was able to relieve my discomfort. I also enjoy Patricia's additional touch when she designs a special formula of aromatherapy to help me relax or to reduce my inflammation. Together, massage, body alignment, aromatherapy and her words of wisdom bring me tremendous comfort always". - Jennifer Naylor

Extraordinary Healer

"A year ago at age of 52, a highly respected orthopedic surgeon viewed my MRI and told me I needed a hip replacement. I was in constant pain while lying or sitting down. Fortunately, I found Patti Star before I had that surgery. In two sessions, my pain was greatly reduced. After a total of 5 sessions with Patti, I have been able to function for the last year without pain and without surgery! Patti's help has been invaluable to me. My mother was in bed for 5 days, with excruciating pain from a pinched nerve. Her doctor gave her a bunch of pills that did nothing. After one session with Patti, my mother was 90% better and with a few more sessions, completely well. I have recommended Patti to other people in pain who have ad equally successful results. With her therapeutic skills, warm personality, sense of humor and caring concern, Patti is an extraordinary healer on every level." - Laua Vigiano, LCSW Sarasota, FL

Aromatherapy Classes

“Patti Starr was my aromatherapy teacher in massage school and I always found her to be joyful pleasant and patient she is an excellent teacher who makes a very complicated system like a aromatherapy very clear in an understanding way that I can learn and retain thank you Patti!" - Tina M. Bradenton, FL


“A soul satisfy experience. My heart is filled with so much appreciation for everything Patricia Ann Starr does for me." - l.S. Sarasota

Healing in 5 Sessions!

“I'm a 57-year-old man, who injured my left hip during the renovation of our 1947 home. I was walking with a cane for three months, before my first sessions with Patrica. After my first session, I was able to put my cane away. My hip improved with each session, but the end of 5 sessions, I am injury free. No surgery needed! I would recommend Cranial/Structural Rebalancing with Patrica, highly!” - Dr. Steve Lortz

So much more than a massage!

“After only my fifth session of bodywork and energy clearing with Patricia, I'm absolutely stunned by how much better I feel physically and emotionally. As she lovingly applies a healing touch to my most troublesome areas, decades of blocked energy and buried trauma are being purged. Through the years I've seen countless doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, hypnotherapists, and physical therapists. I've tried conventional and alternative therapies and treatments - all in an effort to tackle chronic head and neck pain, migraines, Fibromyalgia, etc, and nothing has come close to the structural healing I'm experiencing with Patricia. I highly recommend visiting Integrated Healing Arts Bodywork if you live with chronic pain and you're not getting the answers you deserve from your doctor or specialist." - Jasmine Primavera

Great Experience!

“Patricia is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Great experience!” - Shelly Evans


Patti you are an amazing healing practitioner!! I love your products and I often refer people to you ❤️ - Tina Miccio