Covid Concerns and Considerations

By now you are awashed with all kinds of information on the COVID 19 issue, with statistics, all over the place. With the rebuttals against the statistics. With all the viewpoints on Masks/No Masks On all the Social Distancing opinions. I’m not going to go through those here. I respect everyone’s journey and intellectual choices.

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Build Your Immune System

I do feel it is important to share with you some of the posts that you may or may not get a chance to see. Unfortunately, this is because so much is being censored and controlled by the Media and Social Media, that it becomes hard to be able to evaluate all sides of the issue. This is particularly daunting as every day, we continue to find out more and more about this virus and what it is and what it isn’t. Even with 40 years under the study of virus, we do not have definitive answers. Viruses do not act like bacteria, because they are not alive… they are pieces of DNA and other particles, that then, under varying conditions can be instrumental in the disruption of a biosystem. It is these “varying conditions” that we attempt to observe and come to some conclusions. So, at this time, we are all trying to do our best, with our understanding to be safe, and find our way through.

I cannot and will not stop stressing the fact that WE MUST KNOW AND IMPROVE OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! That is why we offer the technologies that we do here at Integrated Healing Arts Wellness Center. It is the only thing right now that truly will pay off to keep us safe.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to keep an open mind. Things are changing every day, and new information will keep coming in. Will there be another wave? Will there be another virus? Will it get worse? Or is it even worse, and we have just blown it out of proportion? Maye yes to all of this… BUT/AND .. the only thing that makes a difference in our state, our perception about it, and can we stay calm, centered and balanced.

Take this time to quiet the mind, to allow yourself to rest in your heart space. To be at Peace, and to be compassionate to all those around you.

Here are some great articles and interviews that I think are very important to be aware of.

We wish you all the best and so much love.

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AND — IF YOU HAVE TO WEAR MASKS: Dr. Charles Bens July 2020

Here is my take. Masks work in certain situations. Here are some examples for your environment.

1. In the workplace I don’t think masks are desirable because they limit oxygen production. Distancing between employees is desirable.
2. When an employee is serving a customer I think a mask should be worn by the employee and the customer. We don’t know who they are or where they have been.
3. Areas that are frequently touched by employees or customers should be cleaned regularly.
4. When someone is outside they generally do not need a mask, unless they are within 10 feet of people for a period of time.
5. When people go to the store they should wear a mask because viruses can move up to 30 feet and stay in the air of 30 minutes or more.
6. I think gloves should be warn while in the store and then taken off and thrown away. Use hand sanitizer or silver gel to clean the hands after removal.
7. Quality cloth masks can be reused if they are cleaned and aired out for several hours.
8. Testing is a good idea, however many of the tests are subject to false readings.
9. Employees with compromised immune systems should take extra precautions.
10. All employees should be encouraged to take vitamin D, vitamin C zinc and olive leaf extract throughout the day and eat a low sugar diet.

A strong immune system is better than a mask for most people. Mask are mainly to protect people who are the most vulnerable.

Hope this helps.
Dr. B.

COVID-19 update (July 1, 2020) — From our very own Dr. Charles Bens:

Over the past few months there have been several new research documents about the unique characteristics of the COVID-19 virus. These findings can help guide health practitioners and the public as they try to find better strategies to both prevent and treat this viral infection.

1. This virus is very unique because it is highly infectious as well as having a very high percentage of infected people who have no symptoms. Testing in four state prisons found 96% of inmates to be asymptomatic. 1,2.
2. Once infected a person is supposed to have anti-bodies against future infection; however, it appears that this protection many only last for 2-4 months. I woman from Texas has now been re-infected four months after her initial infection.3,4,5.
3. Some asymptomatic people who were examined thoroughly have been found to have damage in their lungs, veins, kidneys, liver, heart and brain. (95% of those tested had some damage). This damage could potentially lead to health problems in the future.6,7.
4. People who live in areas with higher than normal levels of air pollution are now found to be at higher risk of contracting this virus.8.
5. In one study the lung damage by the COVID-19 virus was 900% higher than the group who had the normal seasonal flu.9.
6. The COVID-19 virus can stay in the air inside a building. It can travel up to 30 feet from someone’s breath and remain in the air for 30 minutes or more.10,11,12,13.
7. This virus can enter the body in many ways including the mouth, the nose and the eyes as well as living on many surfaces and even being driven into the air via fecal material after flushing. This raises concerns about the use of gloves and public toilets.14,15.
8. Type O blood offers some additional protection again this virus. Type A does not.16.
9. People who eat products with added sugar can weaken their immune system by as much as 75%. High alcohol consumption also lowers immune function.17,18.
10. People who are overweight have higher levels of inflammation, which can increase their receptivity to this virus.19,20.
11. People who eat low levels of vegetables and fruit or too much processed and fast foods have a lower level of immune protection.21.
12. Health care workers can be exposed several times over a few days which increases their viral load and their viral site point, which in turn increases the likelihood of a cytokine storm reaction, respiratory dysfunction and lack of oxygen for vital organs.22.
13. Molecular hydrogen has been identified as an extremely strong antioxidant that can help to both prevent a viral infection as well help prevent the cytokine storm reaction. H2 can be consumed in gas form, as an IV or taken as a tablet in water.23,24.
14. ACE-2 receptors have now been found to be an entry point for this virus. The ACE-2 enzymes help to break down amino acids for use in our key organs, but ACE-2 receptors are also compatible with the COVID-19 virus.25.
15. Vitamin D3 reduces symptoms in 98% of infected people in one study. (30 ng/ml+)26.

Prepared by Dr. Charles Bens, Healthy at Work- June 24, 2020