How is our Cranial Therapy Different

Our Cranial Therapy differs from craniosacral therapy in several important ways.

Cranial Structural Bodywork is a structural approach. The treatment focus is on improving movement in fascia, muscles and tendons, from the top of your head to your toes.

Our primary objective is to relieve the pain and limitations our patients experience when their joints and muscles are restricted or do not function comfortably. Results that our patients can see and feel very soon after treatment are always the goal.

Cranial Structural Bodywork Therapy evaluations include the use of several techniques from Applied Kinesiology (manual muscle testing, therapy localization and challenge) for both pre-treatment evaluation and confirmation of results.

Cranial Structural Bodywork Therapy benefits are usually long-lasting. Improvements typically result in increased range of motion, improved performance, and a reduction in pain and other symptoms, whether your patients are competitive athletes or simply going about their typical work and recreational activities.

Who can benefit from Cranial Structural Bodywork Therapy?

~ Almost anyone who has aches and pains in muscles or joints
~ Individuals with headaches or TMJ problems
~ People with limited joint range-of-motion
~ Athletes seeking to improve their performance
~ Children with functional problems or developmental delays
~ Any age group, from infants to super-seniors
~ Individuals with a functional or idiopathic scoliosis
~ People with a functional short leg and/or a tipped and rotated pelvis

Cranial Therapy is very effective at treating painful conditions as a stand alone therapy, but combined with our structural bodywork techniques, we can provide maximum results.

The integration of specific Cranial/Structural releases with specialized deep tissue massage and soft tissue techniques will release the restrictions, and then subsequent structural sub-patterns that the body moves through in the rebalancing process. Our Cranial Structural Bodywork techniques have had proven success in treating painful conditions such as TMJ, bulging discs, back pain, headaches/migraines, sports related injuries, plantar fascitis, carpal tunnel, sciatic pain, tendonitis, and other painful physical conditions found throughout the whole body.