Dirty Little Secret on Underarm Health

The underarm thermographic picture showing congestions on the left set of photos, and 3 mos. later — cleared from connection through using the right deodorant and skin brushing.

underarm thermogramThe armpits are an important detox exit from the body — but what do we do — we block this exit!!

These pictures are done with a Thermagram Camera — which detects inflammation ( yellow to red shows the presence of congestion – red being high) Where there is inflammation, there is congestion, where the lymph fluid is not moving as it should. The lymph nodes are located around and near the armpits, and when Congestion is found — it is important to move the lymph to clear the congestion.


This can be done with the right deodorant and dry skin brushing.

5 Hazardous Ingredients found in Antiperspirant and deodorants:
Aluminum, Paraben, Phthalates, Triclosen, Fragrances

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