Summer Slimdown

Summer Slimdown – Body Beautiful

Integrated Healing Arts is presenting a

Spa Day – Summer Slimdown

August 20  12:00 – 3:30 PM

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Spa Day – Summer Slimdown

We have created a day just for you, with some new techniques and information to help get you going.

We will cover ways for you to relax, get the sleep you need with the aids of herbs and essential oils, in addition to lifestyle and bodywork protocols. All these helps to manage our stress and bring health to our being.

The Rewards for learning to manage your stress, your health and your body, play a role in our happiness and the happiness of those around us. So let’s start the “Feel Good Revolution” with our Summer Slim Down.

Saturday, August 20, 2022 — 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Integrated Healing Healing Arts
3260 Fruitville Rd. Ste C
Sarasota, FL 34237

Cost: $150 for the day

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Start NOW to implement the ways that you can revitalize, rejuvenate and re-sculpt that Divine Body that is YOU!!

Time for a focus shift — to You — because you are important!!

We will be introducing tips, techniques, and products that will support you in revitalizing your Divine Body image. This is a 5 week challenge, and this day is set up for you as a

Mini Spa Day
to Slim Down, Loose Weight, Reduce Fat

Here is what we will cover

Three parts to the service

You will Firm, Tighten, and Tone
Skinny Wraps that
show a difference in 40 minutes!

And have access to product that support your plan

We will give protocols for detoxing gently, Tips on massages that are helpful in losing weight, and rebalancing the system. We will have worksheets (or playsheets) that help you outline your plan and follow up with daily marking of your progress.

Find out more about the ItWorks products

Skinny Wraps

Note: If you choose to purchase products, we will donate $50 towards your purchase.

Come and Play with US!

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Here is Heidi’s insights:

When I began my Bachelor of Science in Spa Management at Florida College of Natural Health that fall, I was experiencing sciatic pain, knee pain, depression. I had been rear ended twice that fall and the second accident happened the week I was beginning my massage training, this sent me to the
chiropractor, where I received a miracle. It was not the first or the last massage I will have addressed my history of sciatic pain, but one day the massage therapist at my chiropractor’s office hit the right spot and like magic, that pain was gone. I could not have experienced this at a greater moment, as I was just beginning to learn myself how to provide such possibilities of pain relief to others. I began to make lifestyle changes, quitting Perkin’s was one of them. Then I began to ask is this good for my body or is this not good for my body? The choice is completely our own.

At my first job as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I made friends with the beautiful Paola from Columbia. We both had business degrees and spa experience, so I agreed to work with her as she opened her own Full-Service Day Spa in Winter Park, FL. She had a connection with a nearby modeling agency so we had a large clientele looking to tone and define their physique with the program we provided. We also had many post liposuction individuals, looking to minimize the scar
tissue and flush excess fluids.

There are three parts to the service:

1) The area of choice (underarm, thigh or abdomen) is massaged by hand with a vigorous
technique to get the fat cells and tissue warmed up.

2) Vaccutherapy is used to assist the excess fat/fluid retention towards the lymph nodes to exit
the body.

3) An IT WORK wrap is applied with cooling agents (seaweed, guarana, and green tea), this
contracts the skin cells causing the area to tighten and firm. The wrap should be left on for
at least 45 minutes but is active for longer.

The results vary on what type of commitment the individual is acting under. Diet, exercise,
HYDRATION are all keys to success. My weight gain has happened more times, with each pregnancy I gained 60 – 70 lbs. You can imagine the amount of stretch marks and loose skin that will leave behind.

That is how I came to creating this event, our health is an ongoing battle. It is not only for the external benefactors that one may receive if the effort is given, the inside of our bodies benefit from making the choices that are loving to our self.

Just as a child, you may have heard “You are what you eat.” Well, this is true, I notice that if I make those good choices, I feel a lot happier with myself. This affects my self-confidence, if most of my choices are positive for my body, the feelings of guilt for making the bad choices will not hold. The good news is that every day, every hour, every minute is the chance to make the choice to keep myself from being affected in a negative manner. Then the lesson to not beat yourself up for making a mistake and further oneself into depression is important, get up and do it over again and continue to make the good decisions for the body.