Cranial Structural Therapy

This work is the core of the work that I do. Nerves innervate the muscles, muscles hold the bones in place. To make a lasting change in the body, we must address the nerves first. All bodies are different - and our goal is to identify the cause of the problem, and treat from there. Through a full assessment of the clients structural patterns, history and functinal paterns, along with applied kinesiology, we are able to determine a protocal for treatment that will ensure lasting results.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

The lymphatic system is often overlooked, yet it is one of the very important systems that must be cleared on a regular basis. We do this through breathing and excercise, but often it can become congested through surgery or other damage. This system is liken to carrying out the garbage of cellular waste, toxins and other fluids, but if congestion occurs in the lymph nodes.. like any "garbage system" -- it must be attended to.

Research shows that lymphatic drainage massage can push up to 78% of stagnant lymph into circulation. One particular study from 2009 showed that lymphatic drainage massage led to significant improvements in pain intensity, pain pressure threshold, and health-related quality of life in women with primary fibromyalgia.

Restorative and Rebalancing Bodywork

The body is our Temple — its core is Luminous — this is the truth of whom we are– and we deserve to feel good.  Achieving good health does not have to be difficult.  Give the body the right foundation to heal and energize itself, and you will watch, feel and experience changes that will truly expand your potential.

This 60 minute session, allows us to address the most immediate concerns, in a shorter period of time, to release discomfort and unlock areas where we are limited in our functionality, whether it be physical or emotional – for the attainment of true quality of life.

Energy Assessement and Rebalancing

To know our energetic body and be able to listen to it, read it and respond to it, gives us the insight to bring our body back into balance and achieve ultimate health. When we are out of touch with our own energetic mechanisms, we are off physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This affects our ability to function optimally in our life.

We have the access to discover what our imbalances are and what we can do to correct them. With particulary proven methods of assessment, these discoveries can be made, and we can achieve our health goals. Through the practices of Kinesiology, Bioscanand Chakra measurements, the picture of the state of one’s health in all four bodies becomes clear.

“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” Albert Einstein