Imagine a world without sleeping pills or antidepressants:  PSiO, the alternative!

The PSiO is an innovation combining light and relaxation technologies.  A device equipped with an MP3 player that broadcasts programs of relaxation by voice, music, and light.  As these three techniques are broadcast simultaneously, a distraction of attention is operated and the overflow of thoughts decrease progressively during the session.

What happens when I put on the PSiO glasses?


The user sees his attention focused on the visual scene composed of bright colors with no significance to the mind other than their amazing beauty. Consciousness is purely sensory and analytical thoughts diminish to turn into audio-visual impression. Music or voice is felt more deeply and very different than they would be with a simple sound


Attention gradually starts to float. Eyelids close automatically during the continuous light stimulation still passing through them. They become a second projection screen for the visual stimuli.


The visual stimuli become repetitive. Gradually, the eyes drift into their orbits, naturally, in a total rest position. At this time, the visual stimuli are limited both by their intensity than by frequency variation. Attention then drifts to total rest. Therefore, the “letting go” is total!


PSiO is a real breakthrough with regards to sleep and stress management and is a safe alternative to the overconsumption of drugs (sleeping pills, antidepressants, anxiolytics, etc.)

Experience the benefits of PSiO today and enjoy your first two sessions FREE!  Also available for purchase. If you are interested in owning your own PSiO glasses, contact us.  If you prefer to purchase a session or a session package first and decide later to purchase, we will apply the session cost toward your purchase price.

Session Packages:

Individual Session - $30

Five Session Package - $125

Ten Session Package - $270