Infoceuticals are proprietary remedies from NES Health™ that provide energy and corrective information to the Human Body-Field to improve how well it’s functioning.

How & When to Take Infoceuticals

Your NES Health practitioner will provide a protocol showing what Infoceuticals to take and how many drops of each to take every day. These can all be taken at once in a single glass of water or separately if you prefer, as long as the entire protocol is taken each day.

Ideally take them by lunchtime or early afternoon since some Infoceuticals may provide more energy and make it difficult to sleep. However, it’s best to take Night and Sleep Infoceuticals sometime after sunset.

Infoceuticals can be taken with or without food, and their results aren’t affected by drinking coffee, brushing teeth, taking nutritional supplements, etc.

Responses to Infoceuticals

Most people will experience positive changes in their state of wellness when taking Infoceuticals over time. However, positive change sometimes involves short-term healing responses. This is because the body’s innate healing mechanisms are being provided the energy and correct information they were previously lacking to go through a healing process.

This is similar to having symptoms during a cold. It is the sign of healthy immune system response, and it’s how you’re returned to a healthy state.

Although it’s rare, if your healing response ever feels too strong or fast for your comfort level, you can speak with your practitioner about reducing the number of drops you’re taking until you can build back up to your standard protocol.

Infoceutical Ingredients & Expirations

The energy and information imprinted in Infoceuticals will not expire, but to limit the possibility of bacterial contamination, we suggest consuming them within two months of opening them. They may be refrigerated to help prolong their safe consumption, but refrigeration is not required.

Infoceuticals are not affected by x-rays or other security scans, so they may safely be shipped or taken with you if you travel.

PLEASE NOTE: There is an additional cost to purchase infoceuticals.  Prices vary.