Kansa Wand Treatment

The Kansa Wand works wonders for giving you a youthful face, stress-relief, and total skin and mind-body rejuvenation! This wand will give you a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience like never before!

All natural, involving no electronic gadgets or harmful radiations or even chemicals, this tool is made with the healing metal of India - Kansa.

The Kanza is a bronze metal - know to be one of the first metals created over 5000 years ago as an alloy of copper and tin. It is known to be the healing metal of India -this tool is set on a hand-carved handle. It is said to be more effective than gold or silver. Known to have extraordinary beauty enhancing and soothing properties, Kanza has a powerful effect as a stress reliever, relaxation and subtle body energies known in Eastern medicine.

Additional benefits of a Kansa Wand Massage are:

A pleasurable sensation that calms the entire nervous system

Eases muscle tension

Erases stress and tiredness in the feet or any muscle group

Helps to relax the whole body and calm the mind so you feel clearer and both able to rest or go out there and shine in the world

Helps make it easier to fall into a deep, relaxing sleep

This session has a tremendously positive effect on the nervous system, in rebalancing and relaxing, encouraging natural healing in the body.

What is a Kansa treatment?

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This tool produces an amazing glow and countenance of beauty and peace in the face, helping to release wrinkles and drop years off the face.  Can be booked as an add on to any of our services or a stand-alone session.  Packages and pricing:

Single Session - $40