Other Modalities

Much of our expertise can be applied in a number of directions.  This depends on the specific needs of the client and what its the optimal direction and tools we need to use to accomplish the goals.    Over twenty years of study over multiple modalities and hundreds of clients performing therapeutic bodywork to relieve chronic and acute pain – we address the problem/cause, not the symptom.   We are sensitive to all ages in performing the highest medical massage available.

Children focus:

Children from infant to teenage are a high priority to support their growth and development in their formative years.   Our precious children can gain so much from the work that we do, for several reasons:   1)  their developing bodies are usually very responsive to both the cranial work and the bodywork, to put them and keep them in alignment and help them get through their growth cycles.

We focus on bringing the body back into balance.  In doing this we will look at their energy flow — for where energy is not flowing in the body, we will often find congestion, pain or inflammation.   These are important notations for treatment, as they relate to how the body is able to heal itself.

The Lymphatic Bodywork is important for this when it comes to fluid congestion, which can be from injuries, surgeries, falls, edema, etc.

Another way we can address the congestion is through the use of the Kanza Wand — when applied particularly to the face, we find that the whole body is positively affected – and full relaxation occurs. This is one of our client’s favorite modalities

Chakra balancing is a key modality where we are looking at the bioenergetic system.   Our energetic body is the basis for our physical body… if that is not flowing smoothly, or correctly, this affects the meridians and organ communication, which in turn, affects our mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  When our energetic system is off, healing is much more challenging.   This session assesses how the chakras (wheels of energies) are communicating with each other, or not, and brings them back into balance, thus aligning the energy body, which in turn, is very powerful and supports the whole body healing process.



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