Starting the shift to that De-Lightful Beautiful Body Program

There are many components to this program.  All are geared to work with your individual lifestyle and give you the support to reach your goals, for optimal health.  This program consists of:

1) Assessment tools,

2) Products and plan that will support the body in this shift to optimal health,

3) a sustainable Food Plan that leads you to healthy choices, detoxing, and ultimately a maintenance lifestyle,

4) physical movement program, and most importantly, dealing with the mindset.

Assessment:  in the Discovery Session, we will be able to create the course for you that will lead you on the path that will be most supportive to you to meet your challenges and ultimate goal.

We will have a private FB page for you to join the community and receive ongoing support.   We will commit to a 21 day (this is the time to reset your patterns for your best accomplishments).  You will receive planning sheets and goal tracking, along with personalized tips and techniques.

And also, we will be introducing the Be Beautiful Body Program, which incorporates an Individualized Assessment, Body, Food and Health Plans, Detox, and a personalized Accountability framework.