Patricia Starr, LMT, RA, SET

Through many trials (by fire), my being has been and continues to be, purified.  And now, each moment becomes brighter and more beautiful.  Through self-love, I gained an amazing healthy outlook, a tolerance, and a sense of wonder about everything. When I’m challenged, my meditation and my service always uplift me and show me the divine. What a blessing!

It is out of my gratitude, that I turn to help others, by sharing what it is that I can help on this tricky path, with many thorns, boulders, and chasms. The beauty is immense, the gold is within… somewhere, deep within, we know, and sometimes, it just helps to have someone give us a little nudge, point in a little direction, or just be a sounding board, so we can see our reflection clearer, as we journey.

Our body is our Temple — and it deserves to feel good, to feel optimal and to treat it with love and respect. Achieving good health does not have to be difficult. Give the body the right foundation to heal and energize itself, and you will watch, feel and experience changes that will truly expand your potential.



Patricia brings over twenty-five years of bodywork training and practice and aromatherapy.

Patricia provides a specialized approach to healing. She has invested over twenty-five years in the study and practice of Plant Medicine and is a nationally registered aromatherapist with over 600 hours of training and more than 20 years of practice. Starting with Plant Medicine and expanding into the world of bodywork and massage therapy, her practice varies to fit the need of the individual.  She specializes in Structural Core Alignment - bringing the body back into balance and relief from back and neck pain and overall improvement of one's being.

In addition to her healing practice and Wellness Center, Patricia is very active and engaged in the community.  She is passionate about educating and continues to teach at various locations including Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota School of Massage Therapy and ongoing aromatherapy classes at Essential Starr Wellness Center.  Her presence in the community is resonant as president of the Sarasota Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

Patricia Ann Starr, RA, LMT, SET

Patricia's Services

Advanced Cranial Structural Treatments

Advanced Cranial Treatment for maximum relief from chronic pain


Restorative and Rebalancing Bodywork

Restoring and rebalancing bodywork is designed to release energy stuck in the body and mind as a result of physical or emotional injury.

Electromagnetic Frequencies and Quantum Healing

Electromagnetic therapy is applied to the body to restore imbalances that can lead to illness

Aromatherapy/Plant Medicine

Maintain health and treat with the intelligence of essential oils

Lymphatic Bodywork

Lymphatic Bodywork is a specialized massage type that gently assists the lymphatic system in maintaining the body's fluid balance, blood circulation, and immune mechanisms

Custom blended products

All natural, organic facial and body care products made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils