The Wellness Center

Essential Starr and Integrated Healing Arts have come together under one roof to combine the talents and wisdom of Patricia Starr along with the expertise of various professionals in the fields of Wellness, Healing, and Modern Medicine.
This center will incorporate the ancient art and sciences of Health and Healing, along with the modern medical approach of functional medicine. These two worlds are integrated under one roof, in a collegial collaboration on your behalf.

Our mission is to allow you, our valued client, to become part of a wellness mastermind team, where you will always have a say in your path to wellness. You will actively engage in the caring guidance of experienced practitioners in various holistic modalities in order to achieve the optimal lifestyle that you desire and deserve.
Our purpose is to empower the individual on their healing journey, where their symptoms and concerns will be heard in order to restore wellness and vitality.

Over these past months, we have been working diligently to upgrade our wellness efforts to incorporate a wider scope.  This approach is specifically geared to women, as they transition into their more mature years, and struggle with body changes. These can be most challenging, and begs the question – how can this be done in the most holistic, natural way, yet still be supported from the medical side? This is an ongoing collaborative effort, and we are beginning this process by bringing the two orbs of holistic and alternative practices together with a deeply trained and operative medical practice. The Integrated Healing Art Wellness Center is a vortex of a multidiscipline holistic approach to maintaining youthfulness as the years go by.

We stand unique coming together, if you will, as a mastermind group that holds your interest in heart, that listens, that is safe, that starts with what is natural and whole for you.

We have pulled together practitioners from the fields of Massage, Aromatherapy, Plant Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Reflexology, skin cleansing and the Endocrinological Medical practice