Additional Exceptional Therapists

We are pleased to offer the services of these exceptional practitioners in our Wellness Center:

Mark Allen – Stretch and Release for tight muscles and painful areas

Mark Alan Massage TherapyMark incorporates several therapeutic techniques including range of motion, passive stretching, and facilitated myofascial release. His goal is to increase space and overall circulation to reduce tension and compression on the nerves The client experiences more energy and flow in the body, in addition, to release of body tension. Mark’s work is dedicated to stretch relieve those pressure points in the body.

He is available for chair massage – full body 60 min for $95, and 90 min. for $125.

Mark is a graduate of the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy

Heidi Andersen – for a Great Spa Relaxation Massage

Heidi Anderson Massage TherapistHeidi has over 14 years of massage. She is dedicated to helping people release chronic pain and life stressors. She offers a range of Swedish (relaxation) massage, Deep Tissue, and Aromatherapy. She finds those deep origins of cause and releases the pain and symptoms coming from congested tissues. Her touch is caring to soothe away those stress points in the body and leaving the client rejuvenated.

She offers sessions from 30 min for $45, 60 min for $95, 90 min for $125 or 120 min for $175, according to your needs.

Debi Kleer – Revitalize Reflex – Specializing in Reflexology (foot massage)

Debi Kleer foot massageDebi Kleer was trained in South Africa and is now licensed in Florida. Debi takes all those nerves that we walk on all the time, and brings them back into a state of balance and peace. You will be Thrilled with her touch!!

She offers sessions for $65 for 60 minutes.

Call to Book an appointment: 941-677-3418