Massage Therapist, Debi Kleer, has been practicing massage from 1992 (South Africa) and relicensed in Florida in 2020.

She created “Revitalized Reflex” treatments, bringing together the benefits of Massage Therapy (LMT), Reflexology (SNHS), Aroma Touch Massage, Crystal Healing and Reiki.

Reflexology is a non-invasive health therapy that can bring deep relaxation and well-being, reducing stress, building resilience and helping to optimize good health.

Debi takes all those nerves that we walk on all the time, and brings them back into a state of balance and peace in her therapeutic practice.

You will be Thrilled with her touch!! She offers session for her Revitialized Reflex for $85 for 60 minutes, and a Relaxation massage for $95.

 Debi's Services/Treatments